Our Services

By following a strong code of conduct we believe in working in a disciplined
environment where we require students and institutes to follow all compliance.

At Student Map, we take a personalized approach to serving each prospective student. Our aim is to provide unique and valuable solutions based on each student’s individual goals and aspirations. Our services begin from the moment a student contacts us and continue until their educational needs are fully met, including assistance with admissions, visa applications, and maintaining visa validity throughout their studies.

For students in Saudi Arabia, we provide guidance on universities approved by the Saudi Higher Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. Our services are available to students from all countries, including those seeking a Ph.D. degree. Additionally, we offer complimentary English language testing and document certification services. Some of our other services include:

  • Health insurance for students and family members.
  • Visa application support (student and tourist). Free of charge for our students.
  • Airport pickup.
  • Support and manage your enrolment and visa for the duration of your stay.
  • Child care services and school enrolments for student’s family members.