About Us

  • Our experts are highly experienced.
  • Excellent guidance throughout the process.
  • Helpful in visa obtaining services.
  • Highly approachable and expended network
  • Helps you search and save the right university
  • Following proven student-centric methodology.

Why chose Student Map?
Student Map has established itself as a progressive and results-driven organization that has helped over 40,000 international students secure admissions in some of the biggest names in the Australian Education System.

Student Map is an international education agency providing information on universities globally, university rankings, areas of research and a universities success in graduate outcomes for their students upon graduation.

Student map assist students with lengthy complicated university applications and visas at no cost to our student including pre-departure and arrival information and accommodation and airport reception.

Established with clear aims in 2007. Since then, we have successfully helped thousands of international students achieve their goals through international Education. Even if you only want to learn a new language or explore a new country we can help. So contact us today and let us do the planning for you!